6 ways to work out in the city without a gym membership

Exercise is an important part of our lives, and a way to keep both our physical and mental health in check. But between the time it takes to get to and from the gym, and the money it costs to be a member, it is easy to skip working out.

Luckily, our city offers many alternatives to working out at the gym. The landscape of where we live is perfect for outdoor exercise, and our community has put together many projects in an encouragement to stay fit.

Here are six ways to work out in the city without a gym membership:

1. Running:

Cape Town has some of the most perfect routes to go on a run at any level, from beginner to advanced. Running is a great way to get your whole body moving at a pace that works for you and it can be both social and personal.

Our city has some amazing routes to take, with beautiful views and ideal terrain. Some of these paths include the Seapoint Promenade, the Pipetrack, Tafelberg Road and the V&A Waterfront.

Running is simple enough to do on your own, but if you want to get more serious about it or feel more challenged, there are plenty of running groups you can join in the city, such as Mindset Movement. These groups often operate via Facebook.

With a variety of groups having both paid options as well as free, there will always be people who are on the same level and/or schedule as you.

6 ways to work out in the city without a gym membership
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2. Walking and hiking groups:

Walking and hiking are fantastic options for exercise that include the whole family. And of course, with our phenomenal mountain and surrounding scenery, walking and hiking in Cape Town is extremely popular.

The popularity of hiking, and the fact that mountain safety issues advise you to hike in groups, means that there are multiple groups for walks and hikes in Cape Town. The local hikes are generally free, and cater to different fitness levels.

These groups have existed for years, but the newer ones often run via Facebook.

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3. Exercise videos:

You might be familiar with a home workout from the days of lockdown. A lot of people found during that time that it’s very possible to have a solid workout without even leaving your home.

It requires a bit of creativity with your space and equipment, but may be a much more convenient option for a multitude of reasons, whether to conserve time or to build up confidence before exercising in public.

Many people have taken to the fact that this is now a popular option for people, and have dedicated their YouTube channels to providing free routines that you can follow from inside your home.

Some South African fitness YouTubers include Alinde Ngubane and Linda Kriel, but you can find just about any routine you want to follow with a few keywords in YouTube’s search engine.

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4. Swimming:

We live in a city in which there are so many amazing options for us to swim. We have the best of everything: beautiful beaches linking to both the Atlantic and the Indian ocean, as well as tidalpools, dams and rivers.

Swimming is a wonderful way to keep your body fit whilst also spending time in nature. The chilly waters of the Atlantic Ocean side’s beaches include Camps Bay, Llandudno and Hout Bay. If you’re looking for something warmer, head to the Indian Ocean side’s beaches: Muizenberg, Fish Hoek and Boulders.

If natural bodies of water aren’t your thing, our city offers many public swimming pools with world-class facilities. You can find a public swimming pool near you in most areas.

Click here for information about locations and entry fees.

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5. Outdoor gyms:

Cape Town boasts numerous outdoor gyms, which are great facilities that can be used for free. The gyms have been designed with maximum safety in mind and are suitable for adults of all ages and fitness levels.​

Outdoor gyms give you a chance to exercise whilst getting fresh air, and in most places come with a good view. With the warm weather incoming, this is a perfect combination of fun and fitness.

You can find these gyms in gorgeous spots including the Sea Point Promenade, Surfer’s Corner in Muizenberg, and Green Point Park.

Click here to see all the locations of our city’s outdoor gyms.

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6. Yoga:

Yoga is a skilful and reflective act that allows you to challenge your body and your mind. It is a great stress-reliever, and helps with both weight-loss and mindfulness.

The yoga community in Cape Town is big, and the city boasts a variety of studios and instructors. Yoga is an exercise in which you can begin at any level and continue to build strength. There are many free classes offered by different people around the city, as well as paid regular classes.

The Holding Space yoga studio in Woodstock aims to introduce yoga to more people, and to help yoga become more inclusive and reflective of South African society. It is the first black-owned and run yoga studio in Cape Town. Kafui Awoonor, the instructor, believes that “yoga is a valuable spiritual and physical practice that should be available and accessible for all.”

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6 ways to work out in the city without a gym membership